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Press release – December 12th 2017

Equination launches ‘Quick Knot’ the revolutionary new plaiting tool into Ireland

Leiden, The Netherlands – This week, Equination have officially introduced Quick Knot® into Ireland. Quick knot is the revolutionary new worldwide patented tool for achieving professional competition plaits in a couple of seconds. The Quick Knot clips have banished needle & thread and plastic bands from the plaiting scene. They create the most beautiful plaits, suited for all disciplines in the equestrian world. The clip is as easy to put in, as it is to remove, even for children.

Before arriving in Ireland, Quick Knot had been launched in The Netherlands and Australia with huge success, selling over more than 2 million clips in just three months. It has now been nominated for ‘Product of the year’ in The Netherlands and inventors Erwin Samuels and Frank van Helvert have been blown over by its success. Quick Knot was created by pure trial and error when they were trying to produce better plaits for their own horses.   

“We’ve been thinking about a product like Quick Knot for years” said Frank van Helvert, Quick Knot’s co-owner. “A year ago we decided to really make it happen and come up with a solution that would make (the time consuming) plaiting with needle and thread a thing of the past. After testing all different kinds of techniques, types of metal and models on more than 1200 manes, we finally found the perfect shape for the clip and started production. We now offer 2 sizes, ‘normal’ for regular manes and ‘XL’ for thick manes, in 4 different colours so for every horse a Quick Knot.”

Prominent riders like Becky Moody, Annie Cowan and Hannah Biggs have already embraced the new way of plaiting and can’t imagine using needle & thread or elastic bands again. ”Quick Knot has revolutionised how I plait, so simple yet effective for all types of horses!” as Annie Cowan quoted.

Quick Knot is now available online at quickknot.ie and will be available at local and online equestrian retailers soon.

About Equination – Equination is a Dutch based company which is specialized in bringing innovative products into the equestrian market.

Media package – The Quick Knot media package can be downloaded here. The Quick Knot demo video is available here.

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